Research, Planning, and Digital Marketing

Helps increase clarity, alignment, and customers

Have you given up on planning and digital marketing?

  • Do you know what exact keywords or phrases your potential customers are searching for online?
  • Do you know how your website performs and ranks for those important keywords?
  • Do you know how your competition's websites perform, and what keywords they rank for online?
  • Do you know how much traffic your competition gets and where it comes from?
  • Do you know what search engine ads your competition is running?
  • Would it help to have weekly reports of all this information, and more?
  • Would it help to have this same digital tool manage your social media posts and monitor brand mentions?


Don't let the daily whirlwind keep you from planning how to grow your organization. 

Make Sure Your Strategy Is Aligned For The Right Customer

Your logical position and emotional brand should be based on an ideal customer.

Don't Wonder What Potential Customers Want

Learn the exact words and phrases they are searching for online.

Express Your Logical Position and Emotional Benefits

Studies show our subconscious usually focuses on emotion first. If it's drawn to something, then it justifies it with logic. 

Don't Wonder What Your Competition Is Doing Online

Learn what keywords your competition focuses on, sources of traffic, brand mentions, and advertising.

Discover, Design, and Deliver

You can spend a lot of time to do all this on your own or use your time for more important things, and let someone help you.

Don't Wait

There are new customers looking for your product or service right now. 

Go from a passive online presence to a strong online presence

digital marketing

Improve your digital marketing

To help increase clarity, alignment, and revenue.  

If you are fighting the daily whirlwind and don't seem to have time to regularly keep up on what is going on in your market online. I get it, staying ahead of the competition isn't easy. The solutions I offer can help your organization research, plan, and improve your digital marketing, like they do for millions of others.  

Your website is your online headquarters, it deserves a good status, and the solutions on our Digital Marketing Solutions page can help. 

  • Purchase a product 
  • Solution Check confirms the purchase
  • You get 60 minutes of instruction or setup of the product

Solution Check

I have a long background in military planning and turned that into organizational planning after I finished my business degree. I have Helped organizations (for profit and nonprofits), with research, planning, and digital marketing...

  • Put organizations on the first page of Google search results for purchase intent keywords, not just their name.
  • Created social media plans for organizations that resulted in an increase in profile visits by hundreds of percent. 

Business Planning

This page provides links to a free business plan template, free example plans, free consulting, and free information about lean plans and traditional plans. 

Business Models

This page gives an overview of the most popular business models. It also gives an overview of the 9 parts of the Business Model Canvas, used to help create a new business model.  

Digital Marketing Solutions

This page offers solutions for research and digital marketing. Including a tool for keyword and competition research, SEO, SEM, backlinks, ranking, listings, and social media. 

Digital Marketing

This page gives an overview of the 5 key factors of your online presence, provides over a dozen digital marketing ideas, and it provides a list of more than a dozen digital marketing tools that are either free or offer a free option. 

Website Optimization

Web design and development/optimization are different. Your web designer shouldn't be expected to get you on the first page of search results (where 70-90% of clicks happen). This page provides the 6 key factors for search engine optimization, to help your site get new free leads. 

Landing Pages

A focused landing page decreases distracting links and increase conversions. Connect multiple focused landing pages to create a value funnel that will also help increase conversions. This page provides a few ideas for small business value funnels. 

Best Business Podcasts

This page provides a list of the top small business podcasts, free online business college courses (including ones from MIT, Harvard and Berkeley), and links to Wharton Business School's Entrepreneur Workshop and the Y Combinator's Startup Playbook. 

Best Business Beginner Books

This page has the best books for starting a business in already established markets that include... a framework for creating a story that connects with customers, the perfect webinar / presentation model, and how to create a series of emails with value and open loops to keep people interested in the next one.

Best Innovation or Startup Books

These books include proven innovation principles to start new initiatives, how to validate learning with innovation accounting, where to find outdated patents (so you can improve them), the customer development system, the Business Model Canvas, and the proven startup system from the entrepreneurship professor at MIT.

Best Culture Books

Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Peter Drucker. This page provides summaries of books with... decades of experience, science, and comprehensive studies on culture, how to best set the environment, how to communicate with, and lead employees. Apply just one of these books and your employees will thank you. 

Best Strategy Books

Strategy can be the deciding factor in whether a business lasts. This page provides summaries of books with... systems proven by decades of experience, and data from the top performing businesses, decades of teaching business at Harvard and consulting corporations, and the one-page strategy canvas that helps you create a unique market position to make competition irrelevant.

Best Digital Marketing Books

Digital marketing amplifies and accelerates your efforts. This page has general digital marketing books that cover all the 5 key areas, and a couple books that focus on just SEO and E-mail. Even if you have a small local business digital marketing can be a large help in your customer's journey of identifying them, gaining their attention, following up, closing sales, and retaining them. 

Best Social Media Books

Social media is one of the most powerful free activities any organization can engage in. This page has a few books that cover the general social media principles and a few books that focus on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. While the basic relationship principles still apply, there are some societal norms and some specific rules that change on occasion. 

4 Levers of Profitability

Customer acquisition, customer retention, productivity, and payments.

Customer Acquisition

Increasing the number of new customers is what most organizations are drawn to, they want to reach, resonate, and retain. Resonate is more important than reach. The more an organization resonates with customers, the more likely the customers are to refer others and the more likely the customers will be retained. The digital marketing keys for new customer flow are web pages, email, social media, paid advertising, and content, learn more at our Solution Check digital marketing page. Depending on your customer segment, direct mail can still be effective, especially when coupled with targeted digital advertising.

Customer Retention

Studies show retaining or keeping customers is less expensive than getting new ones. Quality and service play important roles in customer retention.  Quality is not just for product or service it also applies to processes, even customer service processes. W. Edward Deming was known for his emphasis on quality and was credited for helping Japan quickly rise in manufacturing excellence after WWII. His book Out of the Crisis is timeless. "Any substantial improvement must come from a change in the system." His experience and studies concluded, most troubles and possibilities for improvement are 94% the systems or common cause, and 6% the people, or special cause.


Increasing productivity can be done in many ways, increasing quality is one, automation is another. There are many digital solutions to help with automation. Consider regular review of the organization’s metrics or key performance indicators against industry benchmarks to identify areas to adjust productivity. Michael Hyatt just finished a book specifically for increasing productivity titled Free to Focus. In it he explains the steps involved to Stop, Cut, and Act. There is another good productivity book titled Getting Things Done, by David Allen. In it he explains the five steps to work flow, and the principles of productivity habits, next action decisions, and focusing on outcomes.  


Either incoming or outgoing payments can be innovated. Consider creating a value ladder based on products, services, or packages that increase in value. Consider reviewing industry metrics or KPI to identify areas to cut costs.

Innovation can be applied to any of these areas, and it has proven processes. Innovation is one of the few common denominators of enduring companies. There are three different approaches to innovation, process development (internal), product development, or problem development (customer focused startup). Check the best innovation books page for summaries on such books.

The problem development approach focuses on early customer feedback and a minimum viable product or crowdfunding/presales, then quickly improves the product based on feedback. This approach is explained in the books Four Steps to the Epiphany, The Disciplined Entrepreneur, and The Lean Startup. "You need a 'learning and discovery' process so you can get the company to the point where you know what to execute" (Steve Blank). 

The product development process focuses on creating a final product based on proven industry and market knowledge for well defined customer segments or problem segments, then adjusts with customer feedback. "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses" (Henry Ford). "People don't know what they want until you show it to them" (Steve Jobs).  

What's Your Next Step?

Consider the digital marketing solutions to find out more about your potential customers and competition or create your own drag and drop (no coding) website like this one.

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Jason is happy to help organizations research, plan, and develop. But like many product or service providers, Jason cannot help organizations that have strategies or messages that conflict with his religious beliefs.