5 key digital marketing channels

As business gets more competitive there are digital marketing channels that act as a 24/7 low-cost salesperson, who never complains. It can accelerate and amplify your online actions and get your message in front of specific people, on a specific day, at a specific time.

Digital marketing is growing every day, and there are only 5 channels, web pages, email, social media, content, and paid ads. The good news is four of these channels have free options. However, the paid advertising is arguably one of the fastest ways to get traffic.

Digital marketing can be effective either with a do it yourself approach, hire a freelancer to help once in a while, or hire someone to regularly monitor and improve your digital efforts, especially if you stay current with a leading digital research and marketing solution.

Content on this page includes

Web Pages

This includes websites, focused landing pages, and funnels. Funnels are basically multiple landing pages linked together to create a value path or sales pipeline for potential customers.  

Your website is your digital headquarters, the first place people go to learn more about your organization. All other digital marketing efforts should come after this, and build on it.  

If your website has implemented search engine optimization (SEO) it can bring in free customers from the search engines. This holds true for online business and local business. The search engines do the best they can to understand the search intent and connect them with the best websites.  

SEO builds on your website design, it's the science that attracts people to the art. There are more than 100 factors for the Google algorithm to match the right website to each online search.  

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still relevant, though many consumers are becoming resistant to it. An email list of qualified customers can do wonders for upcoming product launches, sales, or contests. You can start free with MailChimp.  

Email marketing has become so popular with businesses that there are now laws in place that govern how you do it. These include...  

No misleading subject lines or headers. You must include a physical address. You must include an option to unsubscribe from future emails.

Most experts recommend providing value in the emails. However, some experts claim if a customer has expressed interest in your brand, they might enjoy just hearing about everyday activities.  

Find a great e-mail marketing book on the digital marketing books page.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can help small business reach and engage with influencers. The more popular social media sites include Facebook and Instagram (mostly B2C), LinkedIn (mostly B2B), and Twitter (personal, professional, and political). Besides politics and general news, Twitter has a good amount of engagement for music, sports, tech, travel, food, and health.  

The beauty of Twitter is the list feature. This allows you to create custom feeds. You can create a custom list (feed) for your potential customers and another for the influencers you want to engage with and a third for your competitors you want to keep an eye on. This gives you more control over what you see, making it easier to engage with important profiles and find and share specific content.  

Another thing I like about Twitter is the hashtag use. It turns Twitter into a social learning platform. 

Find some geat social media marketing books on the social media books page.

Content Marketing

The reason I separated content from web pages is because you don't need any web pages or even social media to do content marketing. You can use other organization's platforms for your content marketing, by being a guest or develop a presence on one or more of the following. The main disadvantage of this is that you have less control of the content you post. If you have your own website you have more control over your content. Not tech savvy? There are some easy drag and drop websites that don't require coding, check our Digital Marketing Solutions page for a good do-it-yourself website.

Medium- This is a free blogging site with about a 150 million monthly visitors.  

Quora- This is a question and answer site where people go to get questions answered, and people go to share their knowledge. It has about 500 million monthly visitors.  

Reddit - This seems like a combination of Quora and Twitter. It has groups, news stories, and Q & A posts depending on the group. It has about 1.3 billion monthly visitors.  

Content marketing can be more effective if planned ahead of time and lined up with upcoming events in the market you serve.

Digital Marketing

Helps you increase connections and customers.

Discover. Design. Deliver.

Digital Marketing Ideas

* Optimize your website for search engines * Provide free value on your website that helps people * Create a social media campaign plan * Create an email marketing plan * Start retargeting website visitors * Create a chatbot * Be active in FB Groups * Answer questions on Quora * Be active on Reddit * Create a valuable Slideshare * Utilize a CRM * Host or engage in online events * Create focused landing pages for any paid advertising 

Digital Marketing Tools

All references below have a free option

* Google Alerts provide free emails with links to recent pages or articles on topics you want to know about. * Google Trends provides historic search trends for keywords. * Crunchbase, SimilarWeb, and Owler provide free information about your competition including traffic, digital tools, and advertising. * ManyChat and ChatFuel provide chatbots for Facebook messenger so you can automate your marketing or FAQ. * Acuity, Appointy, Calendly, and 10to8 provide online customer scheduling options to automate your lead acquisition. * Hubspot, Insightly, Zoho, and Capsule provide customer relationship management. Hubspot and Zoho have a lot of features, Insightly and Capsule have a more simple user interface. Zoho and Capsule ingrate with maps to show you which leads are nearby making it easier to visit them.

What are your next steps?

Maybe get the business research and marketing resource to learn more about your competition and potential customers and how to better connect with them?  

If this was helpful please link to it and share it. Thank you! To your funomenal success! 

Maybe get the business research and marketing resource to learn more about your competition and potential customers and how to better connect with them?  

If this was helpful please link to it and share it. Thank you! To your funomenal success!