Personal Development Plan

Start your day out right, with a reminder of your personal foundation, how you feel fulfilled, and your goals. This personal development plan will help you get from where you are at to where you want to be.

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Every personal development journey is governed by the same proven personal power principles


Discipline of Self

Our unique value to the world is found in the combination of our genetics, worldview, character, personality, experience, and desires. It seems the best way to navigate these and maintain a strong foundation begins with our identity, mindset, emotional fitness, and physical health. I submit our identity includes our worldview, character, and personality. Studies have revealed the best mindset is a positive growth mindset.


Art of Fulfillment

Our fulfillment can be found in three areas, what we have faith in, how we engage our strengths, and our relationships. I submit these are the areas where we create meaning in life, which helps us feel fulfilled. I submit our purpose is a deeper level of meaning and is found in either our work or relationships and is based on the unique value we bring to the world. People can live a good life with meaning and never find their specific purpose, and some people can just naturally live a life of specific purpose.


Science of Achievement

Our achievements are best when built from a strong personal foundation and feeling fulfilled. Achievements can turn into long-lasting legacy when they respect the principles of planning, productivity, grit, and investment. Compound interest isn't just for money, it also applies to knowledge, health, and relationships.

While any personal development initiative is better than none, having an intentional plan is most helpful, with the understanding that our environment always gets a vote. All successes and failures are rooted in decisions. There are guarantees in life including change, challenges, opportunities, and choices. Leaders are influencers, and some are born and some are built. Formal education is valuable, self-education is invaluable. You have what it takes.